By the end of October we will have under testing  a line for grinding and polishing of cutlery.

The line is composed by the following machines:

·     Machine mod. SM/P/EDGES S/8, suitable for the grinding, polishing and finishing of the edges for spoon, fork and knife

·     Machine suitable for the grinding of fork teeth & tips

·     Machine mod. DSN/P, suitable for the polishing of tips and the bottoms of spoon and fork

·     Machine mod. ROTEX TLP 650 6+4+3, suitable for the polishing of forks and spoon

·     Machine mod. ROTEX TLP 900 5+3, suitable for the polishing of knives

·     Washing tunnel machine

We will therefore be pleased to welcome everyone could be interested in order to show the latest available technology for the production of cutlery.


We strictly recommend to fix a meeting so that to give everybody our proper attention.