The organization structure of the Sillem group is based on the synergy of a number of companies. The Cerano headquarters, where the design and research activity is developed, are the centre around which other companies revolve the activity induced unit, where the whole production cycle of the plant takes place, from the manufacture of mechanical parts to tests through the assembly of the units and the installation of the electrical part.

Our wide range of products includes the manufactures of washing systems, robotic cells for grinding and polishing operations, grinding and polishing machines with "Mapos" technology, machines for automatic degreasing of flatware and of sanitary water fittings and automatic and semiautomatic machines for stainless steel items.

One of our partner is the company Roditor & Philadelphia , manufacturer of polishing mops, abrasive wheels and chemical compounds for finishing of metals, which produces high-quality tools like disks, brushes, etc.

Our background as a machine tool builder and expertise in electronic technology, coupled with our experience as a polishing sub-contractor and manufacturer of polishing mops and compounds, puts us in a position to not only supply our customers with equipment; but a complete knowledge of the finishing process, guaranteeing performance of our machines and high quality finishing results for our customers.



Selmec, with more than 120 customers in Italy, is a company operating in the services field. The experience reached in mechanical and electro-instrument field is a guarantee of quality, reliability and innovation.

The continuous updating of the CE rules must be considered as an optimal strategic input to the working quality.

The close cooperation with highly qualified partners guarantees the best technical assistance to the customers.

The activities of SELMEC are carried on in accordance to the rules regulating the access of the personnel to the working areas.

Safety documents are presented with the purpose of defining the procedures needed to carry out the activity.

Our personnel is equipped with all necessary d.p.i. according to law 626/94 and lgs 81/08 and devices for the detection of harmful gas – oxigen percentage – L.E.L. and is properly trained to operate in closed area such as tanks, mixer, etc.

Selmec is a young and dynamic company, which provides, in cooperation with Sillem: maintenance, retrofitting and reliability increasing services for polishing machines (please see below pictures).




Visit us at Marmomacc Hall 7 Stand G7

30/09/2015 - 03/10/2015 Verona, Italy

Sic Processing was estabilished in 1999 as leader for recovering exhausted slurry from photovoltaic and semiconductor industry, selling silicon carbide and poliethilenglycol.

In 2013 SIC Processing Srl was sold to an Italian group of companies leader in abrasive and textile industry.

We sell suspending agent such as glycols, abrasive powder, MPE and aluminium tubes, representing, as agent, big players in Japan and Dubai.

Other Partner are University, Spin-Off, research centre, mandatory to control quality and to adopt new solutions customer sized.



  • Polyethilenglycol (PEG 200;PEG 300)
  • Glycols (MPg;DEG;)
  • Glycerine technical & pharmaceutical grade


  • Silicon Carbide (SIC Black & Green)
  • Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN)
  • Diamond Powder
  • White alumina
  • Brown alumina


  • Exclusive Partner for Italy of OSE, active player in the field of MPE and precision Aluminium Tubes adhering International standards and specifications with a passion for excellence

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