An efficient and qualified After Sales Service is one of SILLEM's primary assets. The Company directly covers technical support and maintenance on all system components. This grants top effectiveness.

After Sales Staff
Highly trained and skilled technicians are ready to visit the Customer, wherever he is located, to solve eventual problems and questions.
Remote assistance
SILLEM offers to its Customers an advanced system to manage technical support. The Customer's machine is linked through a phone line with the computers of our After Sales department. Remote diagnostics, solution of software-related problems, software/firmware updating, parameters monitoring and modification, programs editing and transfer:
Spare parts service
Delivery of consumables and spare parts for regular maintenance is accurate and fast.
Maintenance contracts
Maintenance contracts are a simple and practical solution to routine maintenance. Our expert technicians will regularly visit the Customer and perform all necessary inspections and preventive maintenance operations according to a fixed program. Machine reliability is further enhanced; maintenance costs and time are drastically reduced.
A clear and complete product and technical literature has always been one of SILLEM's main targets. In line with safety standards and directives, our technical documentation is not an option, but an integral part of the product. The attention dedicated to make our manuals useful, easy to be consulted and perfectly understandable has always been considered of primary importance for the quality of the product. Use of images and graphics, brief, simple, user-oriented texts, and the availability of the manuals in different languages are tangible results of this philosophy. Multimedia systems, which make the consultation of the manuals faster, easier and more pleasant, have been successfully introduced and received with interests by the users. The documentation destined to our After Sales staff is available on a dedicated web site. In this way the transmission takes place in real time and it is independent from geographical distances and time zones. The access to this information is protected by passwords and limited to technicians.